Deadline Extended! 9/15/13

The 8th Annual 2013 Buried Alive Film Festival is approaching quickly and we know you filmmakers out there who have been busting your ass to make these amazing projects just might need a few more days to get your project finished. So we’re giving it to ya! We are extending our late submission deadline to Sept. 15, 2013. That’s not a postmark date…that’s a “that movie better be on our screener TV’s by

Sept 15th” date! So get you’re asses in gear, dust off the guts, and freshen up the blood because the Buried Alive Film Fest is back and bigger than ever! We look forward to seeing what you got and showing all you other sick-o’s out there what we’ve collected for you. As always thank you gorehounds for all you’re support!

Submission Fees are not being raised for extended deadline.
Shorts $20.00
Features $40.00

-BAFF Staff