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2017 Schedule

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All screenings will take place at 7 Stages Theatre

7 Stages Theatre
1105 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307


Wednesday November 15th



Sinema Challenge
Itʼs a collection of 8 minute shorts that were made for the 13 day Sinema Challenge. Come see what twisted creations these local filmmakers have created!
Sinema Challenge competition

Thursday November 16th


Shorts Program 1 : The Grounds Keeperʼs Faves!
Nocturnally Yours
Dir. David Ferino – USA – 11 min – 2017
A man dies on the night of his engagement and returns as a ghost, only to discover that wooing his estranged lover will require the help of a dating app.

Iʼm Ready – Loogey
Dir. Jill Geargizian – USA – 6min – 2017
Music video for the song “I’m Ready” by Loogey.

Dir. Varun Raman – UK – 18 min – 2017
Welcome To Britannia. Together We Stand Alone.

Dir. Huseyin Hassan – Australia – 16min – 2016
A middle aged man Alex awakens in his quarters to find a white rabbit beside his bed who then suddenly hops through a closed door. Scared and fascinated by how the rabbit got into his room and out through a closed door Alex gets up and leaves his room to follow the rabbit. Once he opens the door and steps out into the hallways of the asylum very unusual and supernatural events begin to unfold right in front of OUR eyes.

Hell Haunt
Dir. Richard Lukacs – Canada – 12 min – 2017
A deranged stalker turns the sets of an eccentric premiere event into twisted art pieces, using the talentʼs flesh and blood.

Dir. Alberto Viavattene – Italy – 9 min – 2017
Night. An abusive nurse wanders through the halls of a nursing home. She integrates her salary by secretly selling prescription drugs to junkies and stealing from the most vulnerable patients. The only thing she hates more than her job is old people. Upon entering room 12, occupied by three sisters, she discovers that one of them has just turned one-hundred years old: there must be a birthday
present somewhere… that will change their lives forever.

Undress Me
Dir. Amelia Moses – Canada – 14 min – 2017
A socially awkward college freshman begins to experience a mysterious and gruesome physical deterioration after a chance encounter at a frat party.

The End of Decay
Dir. Christopher Todd – USA – 12min – 2017
Dr. Orin Shephard, an ambitious scientist has lost the ability to walk. Seeking control over his situation he decides to experiment on himself using stem cells from embryos purchased on the black market. The treatment is violent and dangerous but it works, only with unexpected consequences: a massive tumor. The only recourse he has is to cut the boil off of his body. To Orinʼs surprise he
finds that inside the tumor another life was growing all along.

Under the Bed
Dir. Dayna Noffke – USA (Local) – 4 min – 2017
A monster-loving little girl finds a true friend in an imaginary creature.

9pm: Opening night Feature

Dir. Mickey Keating – USA – 85 min – 2017
Psychopaths is the new movie from Mickey Keating, the filmmaker whose previous credits include Pod, Darling, and last yearʼs Ashley Bell-starring survival thriller, Carnage Park. What is Keatingʼs latest film about? Well, letʼs say the movieʼs title is not designed to mislead. Psychopaths follows the paths of multiple serial killers cross over one single, blood-soaked night. Thereʼs Alice, an escaped mental patient who thinks sheʼs living in the 1950s glamour world; Blondie, a beautiful seductress who lures men down into her suburban basement; the Midnight Strangler, first seen claiming a victim in a seedy hotel; and an enigmatic masked contract killer who stalks the city with his own deadly agenda.

FRIDAY November 17th

Shorts Program 2: Cult of the Graveworm

Dir. Tara Price – USA – 5 min – 2016
Oh, the things that get stuck in our heads. When a reclusive man is
repeatedly woken up over the course of a night by severe headaches, accompanied by musical repetition from an unknown source, his sanity begins to swiftly unravel. Starring Ernest L. Thomas (What’s Happening, Everybody Hates Chris, Malcolm X) this creepy and unsettling short film will leave viewers squirming
in their seats.

EMMA – An American Alptraum in Austria
Dir. Daniel Limmer – Austria – 8 min – 2017
The story of a female documentary filmmaker who’s revealing the mystery of her husband’s idiosyncratic birthplace, Muhr in Austria, where a giant wooden totem called “The Samson”, brings death to the inhabitants and also threatens her unborn daughter, Emma.
Official Facebook:

Holy Fuck
Dir. Chris Chalklen – UK – 9 min – 2017
A darkly erotic and comedic short film about a demon and an exorcistʼs deadly sexual tangle towards release.

We Summoned a Demon
Dir. Chris McInroy – USA – 6 min – 2017
They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon.

Dir. David Mikalson – USA – 9 min – 2017
A cult of women summon a demon, but one rogue member, Carol, gets in the
way of their plans.

Dir. Luciano de Azevedo – Brazil – 18 min – 2017
“Cursed are the worshipers of God…”

Dir. Lorenzo P. Adams – USA – 11 min – 2017
In 1968, a young babysitter’s evening is interrupted by strange and unsettling occurrences.

Ouija Sex
Dir. Mondo Ghulam – UK – 5 min – 2017
When a heart-broken man tries to contact his deceased girlfriend, he discovers she wants more than just a chat…

Dir. Matt Thiesen and Justin Lee – USA – 2 min – 2016
A woman walks into a bathroom alone. Or is she?

Blood Sisters
Dir. Caitlin Koller – Australia – 11 min – 2017
Amateur witchcraft conjures up bloody consequences

Ahead in the Road
Dir. Walt Guthrie and Matt McGahren – USA (Local) – 10 min – 2017
Three college girls traveling back from a night out stop in the middle of nowhere only to find something unspeakable.

8pm Feature

American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon
Dir. Stephen Brio – USA – 83 min – 2017
The Catholic Church is trying to save an innocent soul from the ravages of satanic possession. Wave after wave of holy men are sent to confront the possessed.

10pm Special Screening

Cabinet of Dr. Calagari with soundtrack by Samadha
Dir. Robert Wiene – German – 76 min – 1921
The 1921 silent classic horror with musical accompaniment from Atlanta based jazz group Samadha.

Saturday November 18th

Shorts Program 3: Weirdness from 6 Feet Under

Godʼs Cellar
Dir. Sean Blau – USA – 5 min – 2017
Filmmakers visit a man claiming thereʼs a magic door in his backyard.

East Hell
Dir.Callum Smith – USA – 8 min – 2017
A horror-comedy, shot entirely on iPhone, about two teenage goths that try to summon a demon using a satanic ritual they found on Reddit.

Paulʼs Bad Day
Dir. Phil Bucci – USA – 2 min – 2017
Paul wakes feeling not quite his usual self. As he begins his day every step reveals he has a growing problem that there is only one solution for.

Dir. Marc Cartwright – USA – 1 min – 2017
A man discovers the horrors of dining alone.

Grandmaʼs House
Dir. Joshua Giuliano – USA – 12 min – 2016
An old woman. Alone. At night.

CopyCat Club – Ganz Berlin
Dir. Riccardo Torresi – German / Italian – 3 min – 2016
A two minute journey in a distopic reality where Berlin is seen in the light of its constant changing. Oniric beasts and tentacles run through the city leaving no trace of what’s left behind, melting things in an undistinguished pink blob.
Conceived as a music video for Copycat Club’s “Ganz Berlin”, this animation pushed the lyrics to the limit, giving shape to a disturbing and gloomy scenario.

Your Date is Here
Dir. Zak White – USA – 6 min – 2017
After dusting off an old Mystery Date-style board game, a mother and daughter realize the game holds more evil than amusement.

Dir. Adam Ciolfi – Canada – 10 min – 2016
The desperate survivors of a dying world search for meaning in their final hours.

Call Girls
Dir. Juice – USA – 10 min – 2017
Junk, a local sanitation worker, impulsively decides to employ the services of a underground escort agency. Unfortunately for him, the agency’s call girls are being controlled by a ancient Egyptian demonic force that is slowly mutating them into giant insects. Inspired by the exploitation classic “Invasion of the Bee Girls”.

Naughty List
Dir. Paul Campion – UK – 9 min – 2016
On Christmas Eve, two American mobsters come face to face with Santa Claus, and discover what it really takes to get on the Naughty or Nice list.

The Zoo
Dir. Tomi Malaki – Finland – 4 min – 2017

Viola vs The Vampire King
Dir. Kevin Fermini – USA – 9 min – 2017
When her big sister is taken under the spell of the dreaded Vampire King, Viola embarks on a mystical quest for revenge. After making her way across the kingdom the young adventurer reaches the edge of Spiderweb Forest, but is she ready to face her greatest battle yet?

Weed Whacker Massacre
Dir. Benjamin R. Dover – USA (Local) – 13 min – 2017
Mr. Thurman, the neighborhood grumpy old man, is tired of the Home Owners Association telling him how to cut his grass. After a call from the HOA, He gets into a brooding rage and goes outside to cut his grass. After getting wet from sweat cutting his grass. He plugs in his weed whacker and gets shocked to death. His soul is transferred to the weed whacker and goes on a neighborhood killing spree. After killing some people he returns back to his house. Dale the mail man, A average Joe, who saw the weed whacker killing a couple, drops off some mail for Mr. Thurman. Mr. Thurman as the weed whacker returns home and Dale and him have a battle to the death.

Mongaʼs Got a Spider Gun
Dir. Tim McGahren – USA (Local) – 2 min – 2017
It’s a story told a thousand times before about the spiritual journey of an alien/mutant or mutant/alien and how simply shooting spiders onto people’s faces can change the world.

4pm Feature

Whoʼs Watching Oliver
Dir. Richie Moore – USA/Thailand – 87 min – 2016
Who’s watching Oliver tells the story of a mentally unstable loner lost in a life forced upon him. By night Oliver aimlessly wanders the streets and bars on what can only be described as a truly shocking and humiliating killing spree. His only savior and possible way out of a life he is desperate to escape comes in the form of the beautiful Sophia with her sweet eccentricity and naivety to the danger she
has put herself in.

Shorts block 4: If these Tombstones could make movies!

Jovian Project
Dir. Noah Van Buhren – Canada – 6 min – 2017
Pushing the boundaries of paranormal science, Professor Tillinghast leads a top secret project to capture and study inter-dimensional creatures. But scientific curiosity quickly turns to terror when the scientists try to trap a mysterious being with power beyond their understanding.

Dir. Greg Kovacs – Canada – 3 min – 2017
Anna and Ellery discover different interpretations of the word “fun”.

Holiday Fear
Dir. Nicholas Santos – USA – 4 min – 2017
In the final act of a slasher film, Bruce attempts to reclaim his manliness and impress the final girl by finishing off the killer.

Dir. Adrian Selkowitz – USA – 13 min – 2016
Claire, a beautiful and calculating trophy wife, has convinced her husband to invite an influential Hollywood power couple to dinner, believing that preparing an elaborate meal for them might result in her starring in her own cooking show. Things begin to go awry when the arriving guests step over a woman’s naked body in the driveway. The arrival of the paparazzi leaves the group no choice but to bring this barely conscious woman inside. As Claire struggles to remain the consummate hostess we learn that the strange woman is no stranger at all but rather a ghost from her past – one she is bonded to in a strange and supernatural way.

The Plague
Dir. Guillermo Carbonell – Uruguay – 10 min – 2017
Rosa’s father escapes from a nursing home and comes back to his former house. He hides a secret, and he’s not coming alone.

Goodnight Gracie
Dir. Stellan Kendrick – USA – 4 min – 2017
After mom gets hacked to pieces by her latest lover, a devout child fights to escape the same fate.

Dir. Enzian Mirza – India – 12 min – 2017
Two cops go to investigate a bungalow after receiving an anonymous phone call tipping them of a murder. Upon arrival they notice the door is locked and thinking it could be a prank by naughty neighborhood kids, they decide to leave. Just as they turn away, a sound comes from within the house. Now alert they decide to break into the house and investigate the source of it. Once inside they realize something is not right about this place and discover some dark secrets lurking inside.
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Third Wheel
Dir. Danny DelPurgatorio – USA – 4 min – 2017
Susan has more than just skeletons in her closet.

Rites of Vengeance
Dir. Izzy Lee – USA – 4 min – 2017
A trio of nuns take matters into their own hands when a priest commits a terrible sin.

Eldritch Code
Dir. Ivan Radovic – Sweden – 10 min – 2017
A dedicated IT-guy must stop a computer virus from spreading, unaware about the cosmic horrors he is about to release.

Rigor Mortis
Dir.Matthew E. Robinson – USA – 11 min – 2017
A bereft David regrets pushing his conjoined twin, Kane, into a failed separation surgery. As David grieves, Kane returns to haunt David, reminding him of their life together in the limelight. If David cannot make it to the morgue in time to reunite, then the guilt will eat him alive.

The Jerry Show
Dir. Stephen Stull – USA – 9 min – 2017
Plagued with an emotionally abusive tormentor he can’t escape, Jerry degrades himself night after night in a futile attempt to placate the bully. One night, Jerry’s persecutor leaves him in a predicament he sees no way out of, and at his wit’s end, Jerry finally confronts the tyrant.

I Baked Him a Cake
Dir. Vanessa Ionta Wright – USA (Local) – 5 min – 2017
Young Lenora wakes up excited to bake her father his favorite cake on his birthday. As she bakes, she notices strange behavior from Mother. Meanwhile, Dad isn’t home yet and it’s growing late…

8pm Feature

Borley Rectory
Dir. Ashley Thorpe – UK – 70 min – 2017
A blend of rotoscope and digital animation techniques Borley Rectory is essentially an animated documentary, inspired by the haunting that caught the worlds imagination during the late 1920ʼs. Pitched as ‘an ultrasound of a hauntingʼ Borley Rectory will be archly old fashioned, black and white, textural and stylized, with a house very much a projection of the personalities within it – and the ghosts manifestations of what may be missing from their lives.

Special Screening presented with Blast off Burlesque

Ed Wood
Dir. Tim Burton – USA – 127 min – 1994
Join us for an amazing burlesque performance and a classic movie. This year we present Tim Burtonʼs classic 1994 biopic, “Ed Wood”. Starring Johnny Depp, Martin Landeau and many others. Before the film Blast Off Burlesque will dazzle the audience with great show thatʼs inspired by the film. (And for those of you who do not know…)
Because of his eccentric habits and bafflingly strange films, director Edward D. Wood Jr. (Johnny Depp) is a Hollywood outcast. Nevertheless, with the help of the formerly famous Bela Lugosi (Martin Landeu) and a devoted cast and crew of show-business misfits who believe in Ed’s off-kilter vision, the filmmaker is able to bring his oversize dreams to cinematic life. Despite a lack of critical or commercial success, Ed and his friends manage to create an oddly endearing series of extremely low-budget films.

Sunday November 19th
2pm Feature

Foolish Mortals: A Haunted Mansion Documentary
Dir. James H. Carter II – USA – ??? – 2017
Foolish Mortals is a documentary that focuses on the fan culture surrounding Disneyʼs Haunted Mansion! Some of the people in the film are Disney legend Rolly Crump, artist Topher Adam, former Imagineer Jason Surrell, Tristan Risk, Robert Kurtzman, Dutch Bihary, Sandie Schnieder, Imagineer Terri Hardin, Mike Mendez, Spooky Dan Walker, Lance Henriksen, and many more!

Shorts Program 5: If thatʼs all there is my fiend? Then letʼs keep

Dir. Izu Troin – France – 15 min – 2017
A young corporate executive is kidnapped from his apartment. He wakes up in the middle of a forest only to be stalked by a mysterious hunter.

Little Boy Blue
Dir. Nathan Keene – Australia – 30 min – 2015
On a rural farm, a lonely girl must face her own dark desires when she discovers a boy held captive in a neighbouring farmʼs barn.

Dir. Goran Spoljaric – Australia – 12 min – 2016
A mutant woman whoʼs being held captive in a sadist’s basement sees an opportunity for escape when her latest visitor arrives.

The Plan
Dir. Pierre Teulières – France – 13 min – 2016
In an isolated mansion, a creature follows the orders of his master in order to accomplish a shady plan that will change the world. Meanwhile, a desperate father is looking for his missing daughter.

I Am The Doorway
Dir. Robin Kasparik – Czech Republic – 15 min – 2017
A sci-fi horror film based on the story by Stephen King. A first person POV perspective allows the audience to get inside the head of an astronaut trapped in a spaceship, as a strange virus grows inside him, altering his mind. To save himself he must take drastic action.

Ready to Burst
Dir. Ariel Hansen – Canada – 11 min – 2016
Kate and Dylyn have been dying to have a baby. When they finally find success what follows is Kate’s struggle with the early stages of an unusual pregnancy as it takes a horrific turn.

Sky Tripper
Dir. Philip Freeman – USA (Local) – 5 min – 2017
An ancient artifact must be retrieved through perilous actions

Closing Feature and Awards Ceremony

Dir. CJ Wallis – Canada / USA – 72 min – 2017 – World Premiere!
BB is a provocative, psycho/sexual thriller about a struggling, rough-edged girl named Leah Lamont who takes it upon herself to raise the money her girlfriend Alina Lupei needs to fly home to be with her ailing family member in Romania. With no quick fix available, under the name “Candy Cummings,” Leah performs online strip shows from her apartment for thousands of strangers every day, never fully
knowing the extent of evils that could be watching on the other side of the screen


Atlanta Independent Horror Film Festival