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The Buried Alive Film Fest comes from the same group of twisted minds and horror film buffs that founded Gorehound Productions and Atlanta Horrorfest 14 years ago. Together we strive to promote true underground filmmaking in the Southeast and beyond, while providing the Atlanta area with the best independent horror has to offer.  Our long history of partnership with such Atlanta community standbys as the  Chambers of Horror Haunted House, Zombie Walk Atlanta, Zombie Pub Crawl Atlanta, and Splatter Cinema leaves us in a unique position to promote both those new to filmmakers and longtime underground icons.

Blake Myers
Blake Myers, Festival Director: Blake is a fixture in the Atlanta film community as both a filmmaker and art director. Blake specializes in blood and special effects makeup and works on various independent and big-budget movies and is currently working on the crew of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Blake has worked with the Atlanta Film Festival and Slamdance Film Festival for several years and has been the Director of Buried Alive for the past 8 years. When not making gore, Blake enjoys watching weird movies and reading comic books.

Lucas Godfrey, Event Director: Lucas is the architect behind Gorehound Productions and creator or co-creator of the Atlanta HorrorFest, Zombie Walk Atlanta, Chambers of Horror (the #13 Must See Haunted House in the Nation), and Splatter Cinema(Multi-award winning Best Film Series in Atlanta). He has done effects and production on everything from student films to Halloween 2. He is currently working on the crew of AMC’s The Walking Dead. www.GorehoundProductions.com



Greg’s an all-around film fest guy. When not toying with celluloid, he’s a Programmer for the Atlanta Film Society and a part-time Projectionist for the Plaza Theatre. He likes instant film, long-walks, almonds, hardcore punk and playing with other peoples pets.


Blaine McLaren was born in Texas, but has called Atlanta his home for over 20 years. He has spent a lifetime obsessed with cinematic oddities, with a soft spot for rubber monster flicks and gore soaked head scratchers. His career spans as a writer, critic and cultural commentator who specializes in low/no budget horror and exploitation films. Blaine has left no bargain bin untouched and no gas station VHS rental store un-pillaged. He is the lead writer at mondomclaren.com and is a regular contributor for multiple sites and podcasts. After a lifetime of watching 10 cent movies, he has spent the past few years championing the best of the indie underground and the overlooked gems of decades past.

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