Melanie Crew

Melanie Crew is a writer, a devourer of films (especially the weird, the obscure and the bizarre), and creator of killer concoctions at The Cryptid Cannery.

She resides in Atlanta with her two weirdo rescue dogs a.k.a. The Misfit Brothers [Sprocket a.k.a. Sprockzilla and Spartan a.k.a. Sparty McFly].

She obtained a Communication and Theatre Arts degree, with a focus on Film from Mercer University, and prior to that she obtained a Liberal Arts Associate degree from Emory University. In addition to the many hats she currently wears, she is also the Managing Editor and Contributing Writer for ATLRetro and is the creator and publisher of Denouement Atlanta, a blog/calendar focused solely on old-school film happenings in the Atlanta metro area.

If you desperately need to find her, try looking in the kitchen where she may be conjuring tasty new monstrous treats, or in the deep, dark depths of her sanctuary — the movie theatre.