Giving Thanks to Horror: 13 Thanksgiving Horror Films to Feast Your Eyes On

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and spending quality moments with loved ones. However, for horror fans looking to add a touch of terror to their holiday season, these 13 Thanksgiving-themed horror films offer an array of gruesome, suspenseful, and sometimes darkly humorous experiences.

Buried Alive Film Festival 2024 Returns to The Plaza Theatre!

Hello, horror aficionados and film enthusiasts! We’ve got spine-tingling news that will send shivers down your spine and leave you counting down the days until November 7th, 2024. The Buried Alive Film Festival is back, and it’s returning to its sinister roots at none other than The Plaza Theatre!

COVID Delays the Fest, But BAFF Will Not Die!

Sadly, we had to make a decision, along with our venue, to once again delay this year’s festival. However, we refuse to let this year’s festival die. Through careful consideration on projections and post holiday concerns, new dates have been selected for the festival.

You Love It or Hate It, There’s No In Between: THE GOD INSIDE MY EAR at BAFF 2019

These were the words of William Tokarsky, who voiced the role of the toy gnome “Mr. Stuffy Bottoms” in Joe Badon’s surreal head trip The God Inside My Ear.

Cast and Crew of DUYSTER Talk About Their Unique Found Footage Gem

Forgive the poor sound quality at times and the tilter way he sits and looks at the camera, as Justin is new to recording video interviews after years of exclusively recording audio podcasts. Thankfully, the cast and crew of Duyster was far most interesting and engaging than he.

Celebrating Indie Horror: Georgia State Signal Talks BAFF 2016

If you like to celebrate Halloween year-round, you won’t have to go farther than Little Five Points to get your next horror fix. With plenty of fake blood at the ready, Buried Alive Film Festival will keep you on the edge of your seat with five days of spooky shorts and creepy features.

INTERVIEW: Brian Lonano Has a Collection of Short Films on Arrow Player Out Now

This interview was conducted by our very own Justin Harlan for Cinapse in 2019 to promote Brian Lonano’s shorts collection on Arrow’s streaming service. Brian’s films and Brian himself are always mainstays at our annual festivals, from Sinema Challenge entries to world premieres.

Julian the Viking Returns, But Now He’s a Foodie Vlogger

Julian didn’t actually go anywhere, but we figured that since he left our humble horror festival a few years back, you may have lost touch with what’s he’s been up to. The answer is… an awful lot. But, before we get there, let’s bring it back to BAFF 2018, when the Redhead English Viking made his way to Hotlanta to hang out for the festival and catch some local sights.

Black Comedy to Grotesque Gorefests: Backstage Calls BAFF a Festival to Attend

While other local horror film festivals help Atlantans get in the Halloween spirit, the Buried Alive Film Fest keeps that spirit alive well into November. For its 11th year, the festival expands from two to four days and moves to 7 Stages Theatre.

The World of Macabre Comes to Atlanta: AJC Previews BAFF 2016

Blake Myers, director of the Atlanta-based Buried Alive Film Fest, has a heart that bleeds for horror flicks. The local independent filmmaker and scary movie aficionado has a reputation for whipping up fake blood by the gallons. His day job is a monster lover’s dream, serving as a set dresser for AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” a gig he’s been holding for six seasons. And he’ll talk about creepy celluloid for hours.

Local Atlanta Artists Shine: Creative Loafing Digging the Buried Alive Film Festival

If you made a Venn diagram for local cult movie aficionados, special-effects artists, film historians, heavy metal musicians, gonzo animators, burlesque performers, haunted house regulars, and Goths, the Buried Alive Film Festival might be at its center.

Watch It with a Crowd: Bloody Good Horror Reviews ANTRUM at BAFF 2019

The filmmaker duo announce their intentions boldly, stating in the tagline that Antrum is “[t]he deadliest film ever made.” A wrap-around story claims that the film has resulted in the deaths of its audiences, usually via tragic accidents or unexplained medical conditions. We are told it will now be presented for the first time in its full form. In recalling a classic gimmick from the 1931 Frankenstein we’re even offered 30 seconds to leave the theatre before it’s too la