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13 Days to Unleash Your Cinematic Nightmares



13 Days to Unleash Your Cinematic Nightmares

What the $%#& is it?!?!

The Buried Alive Sinema Challenge was developed as a fun motivational film making competition for local artists. We understand how hard it is to complete a film in a single weekend…especially a horror film, an animation, or any kind of film that requires a little more special fx or technical love. So we wanna give you THIRTEEN DAYS! Why 13? Because its spooky that’s why…and we wanna see what you really got! No excuses of running out of time.  Give it your best, call up your friends, borrow some equipment, find a weird location, get some local band involved and make something we’ve never seen before and most of all, have fun doing it! But wait there is a catch… to ensure that your film was created for our festival we have random horror subgenres you draw from and an obscure subject to work with. No mater what the outcome of your film is, it will be screened as the opening film block of the 17th annual Buried Alive Film Fest!


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